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PCI Compliance and Data Truncation

Posted in Lodging Issues, Resort Issues, Restaurant Issues, Uncategorized by hospitalityminnesota on September 4, 2009

We received a call this month from a restaurant operator who is facing a class action lawsuit for failing to remove the expiration dates from the credit card receipts he provided to patrons. This is a very serious situation. A reminder here to all restaurant, lodging and resort and campground operators — your credit card receipts must truncate the number (revealing only the last four) and cannot contain expiration dates.

Your point of sale system vendors can likely help you with this conversion if you are not presently in compliance. Our advice is to get on this right away. Check the recently mailed Annual Law Review for more information about PCI compliance and credit card data. The Law Review can also be viewed online at our member website, in the government affairs section.

David Siegel, CAE, IOM
Minnesota Restaurant, Lodging and Resort & Campground Assocations