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Non Slip Shoes Make a Difference!

Posted in Uncategorized by hospitalityminnesota on October 12, 2015

Non Slip Shoes

Can an employer require that employees wear non-slip shoes at work as a way to increase safety by preventing slips and falls? If the shoes are required, does the employer have to pay for them? We’ve discussed this issue with two labor attorneys that frequently advise the MRA. The consensus is that an employer can require non-slip shoes to be worn and can also require the employee to pay for them.. In order for non-slip shoes not to be a required uniform which the employer pays for, these procedures are recommended.

  • The employer shouldn’t specify a brand, color or style
  • An employee should be able to buy and wear any non-slip shoe that they like
  • The shoes should be suitable for wear outside of work
  • An employer may offer a shoe program that includes a payroll deduction payment option but the program can’t be required

Members that require non-slip shoes report that employees like them and that they do prevent slips and falls. The shoes are available in a variety of colors, sizes, and prices through many stores and online vendors, including Target, Walmart, Payless, Zappos, and others.


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